Terms of Use

Before using the Website, please read the terms of use, information on our practices regarding the collection and processing of Personal Data, and sending commercial electronic messages. By accepting this Membership Agreement, you agree to the terms and conditions of dijitalkongre.com regarding these applications. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms, please do not approve this Membership Agreement.

1. This Membership Agreement has been arranged between the user who is a member of the dijitalkongre.com Web Site and has been approved by the member on the Website and entered into force under the following terms and conditions. By starting to use the website as a member, you accept this agreement with all its terms and conditions.
The subject of the Membership Agreement is the determination of the conditions for benefiting from the presentations published on the Website and the rights and obligations of the member.
The Membership Agreement comes into effect when the members approve the Membership Agreement by checking the box or section next to the text "I have read the Member Agreement and accept it with all its terms" and/or similar phrase during registration and the membership application is accepted by dijitalkongre.com.
To become a member of the Website, your application must be accepted by dijitalkongre.com and your previous membership must not be canceled for any reason. If your membership has been previously canceled for any reason, your approval of the Membership Agreement will not result in membership.

2. Definitions of some terms used in this contract are as follows:
Content: The information added to the Website by dijitalkongre.com, all rights belonging to the dijitalkongre.com and the person (s) who engage in activities such as presentations, speeches, discussions, etc. are the whole of text, graphics, images, information, data and all other kinds of visual and audio content, which are given the right to access and benefit, and the rights to use and to be used.
b.Member: It is the real person who has approved the Membership Agreement and registered to the Website by entering the box next to the phrase "I have read the Member Agreement and accept it with all its terms" and/or the similar phrase during registration and entering his personal information into the relevant fields on the Website.
c.Web Site/Site: It means the site where various contents are presented within the framework determined by Dijitalkongre.com.

3. Dijitalkongre.com publications contain content only for physicians. The content of the publication consists of videos and presentations in which the presenter shares their scientific experience and medical knowledge. The information, comments and images contained in the presentations are for informative purposes and are not intended to guide diagnosis and treatment.
These presentations are not a valid application guide for patients,
and all responsibility arising from the use of the presentation
contents for any purpose belongs to the site visitors.
People who visit this site are deemed to have accepted these warnings.

4. To benefit from the services provided on the Website, the Member must have a compatible device and internet connection. Dijitalkongre.com does not provide a device, internet connection or similar tools and services to the Member to benefit from the Website.

5. Dijitalkongre.com may change the contents offered on the Website at any time without the need to give notice and give time. In this case, the Website cannot be used without making the changes and/or corrections requested by dijitalkongre.com.

6. Portals, websites, files and contents accessed through the redirects on the Website, portals, applications accessed through these redirects or dijitalkongre.com do not have any responsibility. The Member agrees in advance that dijitalkongre.com is not responsible for the content of the sites to be accessed through the Website.

7. The Member shall provide all kinds of information such as identity, telephone, title, institution, correspondence address, e-mail, telephone, IP number, etc., in a truthful manner while becoming a member of the Site. The personal information of the member will be protected under the 22 and the following articles of this contract and per the dijitalkongre.com Privacy Policy and the relevant legislation.

8. Dijitalkongre.com is not responsible for the Content uploaded by the Member to the Website or any communication that takes place through the Site. The Content posted by the Member belongs only to the people who sent the content and dijitalkongre.com is not obliged to own, adopt or defend these opinions in any way. Any legal and criminal liability regarding the content belongs to the relevant Member.

9. As long as the Member uses the Website, he/she agrees to comply with the Membership Agreement, generally accepted ethical rules and applicable legislation. In the event of a crime and/or illegal acts on the Website, the responsibility belongs entirely to the Member. Dijitalkongre.com is not responsible for legal problems or requests arising from the Member's actions. Members are prohibited from, use of the Website to publish views and statements for political and/or philosophical propaganda purposes, acting or commenting on the Site in a manner that leads to unfair competition and harms the personal and/or commercial reputation of the person concerned, and engage in activities and suggestions on the Website that may be to the detriment of the society or that are against general morality and the law.

10. The Member shall not access or use the private or confidential files, information or areas with similar content of other members and/or dijitalkongre.com without permission; otherwise, it accepts, declares and undertakes that any legal and criminal liability that may arise from these acts belongs to the Member.

11.The Member cannot share the material of the promotion, sale, marketing, advice of insults and harassment, pornography, banned gambling, gaming, betting sales or use of any prescription drug and any addictive substance, all kinds of materials including guns, explosives, and any material that can not prove its right ownership or authorization certificate directly or via message on the Website, including any kind of human or animal injury, killing, shredding, brutality, in short, in terms of serious human psychology.

12. Membership is private and a single natural person may have only one membership. As a Member, she/he guarantees that the information provided in the relevant section is accurate and true. It is not possible for the Membership to be transferred or used by the Member permanently and/or temporarily.

13. In the event that the Member violates the obligations contained in this Agreement and/or it is determined that he/she has made posts that could be defined as a crime according to the legislation, the relevant Member may be dismissed from membership at the sole legal responsibility of his/her action.

14. Dijitalkongre.com is not obliged to direct or interfere with the communication between the Members. In matters that are not considered for the Membership Agreement and/or are not covered by the relevant legislation and as required by the essence of the website, dijitalkongre.com has no intention, obligation or responsibility to interfere with the Member. The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she is personally responsible for the damage in case he/she harms third parties during the use of the content offered by dijitalkongre.com and that dijitalkongre.com is not liable under any circumstances. In this context, the Member accepts and undertakes in advance that in case of conflicts and disputes that may arise with third parties, dijitalkongre.com cannot be held responsible for damages requests of third parties, and that dijitalkongre.com will bear all kinds of damages and costs that will be incurred for any reason.

15. The Member shall not use the Website for any commercial purpose and activity, including but not limited to the sale of any Product and/or Service or for its own professional promotion. It cannot engage in activities that generate direct or indirect commercial gain from other Members through the Service, and cannot collect any personal information from other Members, including e-mail and telephone numbers, for commercial or other purposes.

16. The Member declares that the information transmitted to dijitalkongre.com in written, oral, internet and/or other communication platforms is correct, true, complete and up to date. In this context, as a member, it will be exclusively responsible for all damages that may arise due to the violation of this statement. Dijitalkongre.com may always contact the Member and request the information in question to be verified. In this case, if the information is not verified within three (3) days, dijitalkongre.com may cancel the membership.

17. Dijitalkongre.com may reject the membership application, password or any content transmitted by the Member. In this case, the Member does not have any right to object.

18. The selection, keeping, use and regular change of the password is under the responsibility of the Member. The member is obliged not to take any action that would endanger the security of his account. In cases where the ownership and/or control of the password is lost, such as the loss, theft, use by third parties, the Member must notify dijitalkongre.com. Dijitalkongre.com is not responsible for the problems and damages that may arise from the use of the password by third parties with the consent of the Member or personal error/fault. Besides, dijitalkongre.com is not obliged to identify the persons who make illegal use.

19. All rights of all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright on the Website, the design, software, content of the Site, belong to dijitalkongre.com and to the person(s) who engage in presentation, speech, discussion and similar activities. These contents cannot be copied, videos cannot be recorded and shared.

The website itself, its content, sample files, design, text, images, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code and other codes, as well as all kinds of parts and sections, and all elements belong to dijitalkongre.com.

21. By signing this Agreement; the Member accepts, represents and undertakes that it shall protect the Web Site and its software as well as the copyrights, trademarks, patents or similar rights of the Content included in the Site by dijitalkongre.com and its partners or third parties per the legislation and not to resell, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, or make or prepare works derived from the information contained in the Website and the works subject to intellectual property rights to dijitalkongre.com or anyone else, and not allow unauthorized access or use of dijitalkongre.com. Otherwise, the Member shall cover the damages, loss and compensation requested from dijitalkongre.com, including court costs and attorney fees, for damages incurred by third parties, including licensors.

22. Dijitalkongre.com may request and store the e-mail address, name, surname, phone number, address information, title, institution and other personal information of the Member during the membership application. Dijitalkongre.com shall protect the personal information of the Member per the Privacy Policy.
Dijitalkongre.com can use this information to communicate with the Members' requests, to provide information about new content via mail, e-mail or telephone.

23. By accepting to be a member of the Dijitalkongre.com Web Site and approving the user agreement,
the Member allows and approves the collection,
processing, storage of personal data limited to the purposes specified in Article 22. Besides, the Member acknowledges and accepts that the personal information given to dijitalkongre.com regarding the use of the Website and during its use is directly related to the establishment and execution of this Agreement.
Dijitalkongre.com can use the personal information provided by the Member and contained in the database to convert them into statistical information. If the Member wishes to access any information regarding his/her personal data collected and recorded through the Website, or to correct, update, block or delete this information, the Site shall be provided with this opportunity to the Member.

24. Member, at his/her own discretion, may share his/her personal information with other Members and/or make it accessible to other Members.

25. The Member's sharing of personal information with other Members and/or making it accessible to other Members is not linked to the dijitalkongre.com Privacy Policy; in this case, the responsibility belongs entirely to the Member.

26. Due to the Member's internet protocol address, the operating system of the access tool, browser type or cookies (cookies), the Member may share his/her personal information with third parties without his/her will. In this case, dijitalkongre.com has no responsibility.

27. Member declares, accepts and undertakes that it has all its rights required for use them on the Website, all kinds of Content, including all thoughts, actions, texts, videos, photographs, slogans, pictures, cartoons, lines, lyrics, songs, melodies, comments, which are provided to the dijitalkongre.com and expressed through the Site. The Member also declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has rights and authority to use, disseminate, reproduce, present them to the public, place them in a commercial position, etc., and that no third party has a right and related request on these rights. Otherwise, the Member expressly declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she is personally responsible for any follow-up and request for dijitalkongre.com Dijitalkongre.com is not obliged to check the accuracy of this statement. However, when necessary, it may request the Member to certify this situation.

28. The Member may not add, distribute or copy any Content, trademark or other registered information whose copyright or other intellectual property rights are protected on the Website under any condition and in any way without the prior written consent of the owner of these rights. The Member acknowledges and agrees that he/she is personally responsible for any Content he/she adds to the Website.
Dijitalkongre.com is not obliged to check the content provided by the Member or to investigate whether there is an illegal activity per the intellectual property legislation.

29. Dijitalkongre.com provides the Service "as is", "with all its errors" and "as available". Dijitalkongre.com does not give any express or implied warranty or guarantee regarding the Service. In this context, dijitalkongre.com does not guarantee any service level and/or security level. Dijitalkongre.com does not give any guarantee that any content or information on the Website is free from defect, error, flaw, virus, or any situation that could change or delete the software, data or device of the Member. The responsibility of viewing or uploading any Content or other material made through the Website belongs to the Member.

30. Dijitalkongre.com may temporarily suspend or stop the operation of the Website at any time. The scope of the Service offered to the Member under this Agreement can be expanded or narrowed by Dijitalkongre.com at any time and without the obligation to make a unilateral notification.

31. Per the Agreement, Dijitalkongre.com has the right to make changes in the articles in the Agreement. Therefore, the Member accepts and undertakes in advance that the scope of the Service provided to him by this Agreement is not a commitment and may change at any time.

32. Dijitalkongre.com has no liability to the Member or third parties due to the temporary suspension or complete cessation of the Website, the expansion or reduction of its content.
If the Member has any reservations about the Service, she/he can stop using the Service and terminate this Agreement.

33.Dijitalkongre.com has no responsibility for whether or not they are informed that such damages may arise due to any special, subordinate, significant, exemplary, punitive, direct or indirect damages arising from the use or inability to use the Website or any Content, including but not limited to loss of business, loss of interest, loss of reputation, loss of data, loss of program or information, and the like, any mistakes, errors or defects in the Site or any Content or any Product, property, software, information or Services, unauthorized use of any personal information provided through the Member, or for viruses, software malfunctions or similar mechanisms.

34. dijitalkongre.com is not responsible for force majeure including but not limited to the decision of the judiciary and other competent authorities, infrastructure problems and natural disasters, situations caused by third parties, malfunctions and delays caused by internet service providers and similar external factors, misuse, technical malfunctions and other malfunctions, repair, renewal or maintenance and support works that may arise from the Web Site, service interruptions caused by internet service providers, including disruptions caused by other referrals, infrastructure provider and any malfunctions that may occur in the provision of the Service due to power outages, possible interruptions that may occur in the use of the Site or for any disruption, disconnection, interruption, error, deletion and corruption that may occur in the communication of the Member, the provision of the Service and/or the Content for any other reason. When necessary, dijitalkongre.com may limit or stop access to the Services in cases where the operational security of the network is in danger, the continuity of access to the network, to prevent malfunctions that may occur in the network, software or recorded files, to prevent or reduce the effect of possible malfunctions and in other cases it deems necessary.

35. The Member cannot make attacks to damage the Website in any way, including hacking and/or sending viruses, or interfering with the Services and/or unauthorized access. The Member cannot use the site to harm other Members, third parties, other websites or mobile applications. The Member cannot, in any way, attempt to prevent him/herself or any other Member from using the Website, interrupt its communication, or make any profit by intervening in the Site by itself and/or third parties. If the Member finds any errors in the Website, software, design or any sub-elements, she/he cannot abuse these errors, share them with third parties and/or take advantage of these errors for the benefit of him/herself and/or third parties.

36. In such cases, the Member is obliged to immediately share with the dijitalkongre.com the interventions and/or the errors they detect within the scope of their information regarding the Website.

37. If Dijitalkongre.com determines that the Member has acted in violation of the prohibitions and restrictions stipulated in this article, its membership may be terminated immediately. Besides, personal information on the Website may be reported to the competent legal authorities within the scope of complaints and/or criminal complaints or claims for damages.

38. Due to the violation of the obligations arising from the Membership Agreement the obligation to compensate the direct and indirect damages to be incurred by the dijitalkongre.com branches, officials, representatives and/or other employees and the real persons and legal persons related to the provision of the Services belongs to the Member who causes the damage directly or indirectly by his/her negligence. Compensation for the damage in any way does not prevent dijitalkongre.com from filing a lawsuit on its behalf.

39. In cases where dijitalkongre.com is obliged to make a statement to official authorities and/or authorized persons in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation, the Member agrees in advance that if the information is requested by the official authorities, it will be authorized to disclose the personal information of the Member to the official authorities and therefore, no compensation can be requested from dijitalkongre.com under any designation.

40. Member's personal information is kept confidential by dijitalkongre.com and kept in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.

41.Dijitalkongre.com may terminate this Agreement:
i. immediately, without the need for prior notice or notification, without the obligation to give additional time for the elimination of the violation, if the Member violates the obligations stipulated in the Agreement;
ii. immediately without the need for any violation or justified reason, whenever it deems necessary, without the need for any notification.

42. Members can cancel their membership at any time.

43. In cases where the Member acts contrary to his obligations and/or fails to fulfill any of the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement partially or completely, dijitalkongre.com has the right to demand compensation from the Member.

44. In the event that the contract is terminated for any reason, the Member loses all his/her rights and is deemed to have waived his/her rights that may arise. The Member agrees in advance that he/she will not claim any damages and/or any compensation for the termination of his membership.

45. The Member can always contact dijitalkongre.com from the e-mail address specified on the website below.

46. Dijitalkongre.com will make notifications regarding the Membership Agreement to the e-mail address kept up-to-date on the Member's Website. Dijitalkongre.com is not responsible for any damages that may arise from the absence of an e-mail address registered on the Website, its inaccuracy, invalidity or being owned by someone else. In such a case, the Member gives the necessary permission and approval to dijitalkongre.com in advance in order to reach the relevant internet service provider from the IP (Internet Protocol) number he/she has accessed on the Website and obtain the valid e-mail address information connected with the dijitalkongre.com from the internet service provider. Unless otherwise is notified in writing, the Member accepts, declares and undertakes that the address given to the Site is the legal notification address and that written notifications to this address will have all legal consequences of the legally valid notification.

47. In the implementation and interpretation of the Membership Agreement and in the management of legal relations arising under the Agreement and in the resolution of disputes, Republic of Turkey laws and legislation shall be implemented. Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in the settlement of any dispute arising from or that may arise from the Contract.

48. The Membership Agreement will remain in effect until the membership of the Member is canceled or if it is made for a period of time, and will continue to have all its terms and consequences. The Membership Agreement has entered into force after being approved by individuals who want to become a member after all its articles have been accepted unconditionally. In this context, the Member accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that if he/she becomes a member of the Website by accepting the Membership Agreement, he/she will comply with all obligations, responsibilities and burdens specified in the Membership Agreement.